India is a country with a golden history, a land of unsolved mysteries and and infinite treasure of knowledge. Be it about science, be it about civilization & society, be it about art and culture or spreading knowledge through innovations & philosophies, India has played the role of a torchbearer to the world. India is one of the most ancient civilizations in the world and possesses many theories about the formulation and the existence of the world.

Along with the evolution of Mother Earth, the Panchmahabhuto theory also explains the creation of simple to complex lives with the combination of the five elements.

AKASH MAHABHUT – Ether is described as the space. Space is everywhere and touches everything. It is the receptivity and non-resistance to what is true. Talking about the human body, space is the considered as the vessel that receives all impressions. In the heart, it is believed that space accepts love.
AGNI MAHABHOOT – Fire In order to convert solids into liquids, to gas and back again to the original state, a certain amount of power is required, which is provided by fire. Fire has the power to change the state of any substance. In human body, fire is present in the form of energy that binds atoms together, converts food to fat and muscle. In addition, fire creates impulses of nervous reactions and even our thought process.
VAYU MAHABHUT – Air One of the forms of the panchamahabhuto is air. It is mobile and dynamic. Within the human body, air is present in the form of oxygen, which is the basis for all energy transfer reactions. Existent without form, air is the prerequisite for fire to burn. Talking about the human body, air is indirectly required to produce energy, which is the basic requisite for one’s survival.
JAL MAHABHOOT – Water The liquid state is represented by water, Water is the prerequisite for the survival of living creatures, including humankind. About 70% of the human body is made up of water, required for smooth functioning. In addition to water, fluids including our blood and lymph move between our cells and through our vessels, thereby providing us the energy required. The body temperature is also regulated. Water is a form without stability.
PRITHVI MAHABHUT – Earth represents the solid state of matter in the planet. It symbolizes stability, permanence and rigidity. The human body consists of bones, teeth, cells and tissues, as the manifestations of the Earth. Earth is regarded as a stable substance. Talking about human being
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