Ayurveda Industry in India
Ayurveda is predominant among India’s traditional health systems. It runs parallel to the modern health care sector and has a seventy per cent share of the formal medicine market.
Organized Sector :
The large manufacturing units comprise the well established manufacturers who operate in both domestic and intemational markets. The major players in this category are Dabur, Baidyanalh, Zandu, Himalaya Drug Company, Charak Pharmaceuticals, Vicco Laboratories, Aimil Pharma & Emami group.
Unorganized Sector :
Small manufacturing units manufacture a few medicines and operate in a small area. The unorganised sector includes practicing ayurvedic experts (vaidyas) and micro-units manufacturing only a few products and operating at local level. Nonetheless, at times such units are quite strong in their area of operation. There are certain small manufacturing units who cater to export markets only.
  • Herbal Product’s Market :USD 80 billion
  • Annual Growth Rate : 7%
  • By 2050 : will reach 6 trillion
  • Indian Market : Estimated as Rs. 4205 crores
  • Export of Ayurvedic drugs 8. allied herbal products : Estimated as Rs. 440 crores
  • Potential by 2020 : Estimated as Rs. 7000 crores

#Source : EXIM Bank Report

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