In Sanskrit, “Ayur” means life and the “Veda” means knowledge, so that “Ayurveda” literally means Science of Life. The purpose of Ayurveda is to protect health of the healthy and alleviate disorders in the diseased. It has also been indicated as the science of the protection of your age (Ayu). It explains what is appropriate (the promoters of the health) and what is inappropriate (the non promoters of the health) in relation to the life, as well as it measures the life expectancy and the nature (quality) of the life. The main thrust of Ayurveda is to synchronize and coordinate the various bodily functions by identifying the imbalance in the body. The underlying principle is that if the roots are watered well, the plant will flourish. Ayurvedic medicine places equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit, and strives to restore the innate harmony of the individual. Ayurveda offers different therapies that may support an individual constitutional harmony while promoting cellular rejuvenation and overall vitality and immunity.  Ayurveda is not just a preventive health care system; it is a way of life that found its origins in ancient India 5,000 years ago. An attempt at serious study of Ayurveda clearly reveals high conceptual content. The concept of Universality of matter and man being an integral part of the Universe is influenced by and responds of the Universal rhythm, is very fascinating.

“May all be happy, May all be free from the diseases,
May all see good in everything, May none suffer from any grief.”

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The ayurvedic approach is rising in popularity because it is comprehensive and gentle.  Ayurveda has also been admired by the scholars as most virtuous science of life, which is beneficial for human being in both worlds.

Today, Ayurveda is not restricted to medicines only but many surgical procedures like Agnikarma, and non-surgical procedures like Panchkarma are practiced with modern approach. Many traditional Ayurvedic formulations therefore are still used to supplement these procedures. It has also attracted attention as Medical Tourism in different parts of the world.

5th VIBRANT GUJARAT GLOBAL TRADE SHOW Organized In 2013, OCTAGON COMMUNICATIONS PVT LTD was part of the show. We had contributed with consumer pavilion called HYPER EXPO. Well known companies of ayurveda like Patanjali, Vasuhealthcare, rudralife participated. While sharing the ideas with the participants & some leading companies, practitioners, academicians from field of ayurveda, we realized that ayurveda needs to be highlighted again. We proposed government of Gujarat in July 2013 to organize ayurveda expo & summit. We have been grateful to Health & Family Welfare Department for entrusting Octagon Communications Pvt Ltd for managing VIBRANT GUJARAT NATIONAL AYURVEDA SUMMIT 2014, which resulted in optimal awareness in Ayurveda Industry and its important facets. The Support of HFW Department of Government of Gujarat, GAAMA and leading Ayurveda Associations have been helpful in reaching all corporate and industrial fraternity of Ayurveda , specially Manufacturers of Medicines. As a Result lead to presence of more than 9000 delegates as a realistic number.

The fire and the movement which we all-together have started has lead to an aspiration of the industry players towards growth of the industry and that too in organized sector. This increased our responsibility to extend the same environment, especially towards exposure to the end-user.
After the Ayurveda Summit, we realized that public awareness and their faith on Ayurveda Medicinal system is on a very primitive stage. All fraternity present have also shared that a huge awareness has to be created of the available products and services in our Traditional system of Ayurveda. We had a motto “To do good for the best ever upcoming platform”, than what shall stop us to start with. So we had introduced VIBRANT GUJARAT AYURVEDA WORLD EXPO 2015 (VGAWE 2015). The vision of Government and efforts of our team had made the expo successful. The success story has been since then the talk of the industry and entrepreneurs of AYUSH segment. The expectation of industry has grown from us as well as from Government.

This adds on a responsibility to us for continuing the growth story without any pause, for which we have Integrated Vibrant Ayurveda World Expo and summit’s second edition in our forthcoming show of Vibrant Saurashtra 2016 going to be held at Rajkot during 8-10 January 2016. This expo and summit will cater the platform for research, education as well as products of AYUSH industry and being no doubt about the success we are sure to achieve new heights for industry.

An Expo like this will definitely helpful to Ayurvedic drug manufacturers, Vaidyas, Patients and also students of Ayurvedic colleges besides Ayurvedic raw material suppliers and Ayurvedic product packing material suppliers.

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